New Beginnings After the Ending

New thinking. New materials. New standards. New everything. But what happens once it all becomes obsolete?

At Arrow, we believe it’s time to turn another page. Even long after the technology’s story is closed.

Finding value hidden deep within your innovations of yesterday. Turning inefficiency into opportunity. Simplifying the complex. Reducing and reusing.

When you’re ready to uncover the value you never knew existed, then you’re ready to work with us.

Innovating the Reverse

Arrow is taking the lead in the reverse supply chain and aftermarket. With decades of proven expertise and infrastructure spanning 32 countries, we can bring an unparalleled perspective to your products end-of-life stages.

Beyond just the social and sustainability benefits, we bring you greater returns on retired assets. That’s because we track ever-changing technology and constantly evolving regulations.

More Sustainability Solutions

  • Secure Logistics

    We closely guard your assets, especially the data. From packaging, collection and transport, we ensure a secure chain of custody.

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  • Technology Processing

    When technology can be refurbished, we ensure you receive utmost remarketing value through programs like employee purchasing. This is made possible by our intelligent repair, testing and software installation based on current market drivers.

  • Data Sanitization

    Data-bearing devices are sanitized to some of the world’s highest standards, including multiple verification audits. And devices that cannot be sanitized are shredded at a secure Arrow facility.


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  • Responsible Recycling

    We ensure your assets never end up in a landfill. Instead, we convert electronic equipment into reusable components or commodity-grade materials for reuse in new products.

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  • Online Reporting

    We are fully committed to transparency and compliance with corporate policies, legal requirements and regulatory mandates around the protection of data, environmental liability and accountability of financial assets.

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Arrow is guiding innovation forward in the following categories to help you create a better tomorrow.