Redefining the Luminosity Scale

It’s no wonder that people associate bright new ideas with a light bulb. Lighting has forever shed light on innovation. That’s why we bring new thinking to lighting.

At Arrow, we help you bring new forms of illumination to life. New design elements. New fixtures. New standards.

Solving the challenges we’re facing today and those we have yet imagined.

Fixed or portable, indoors or out, or any other specialty application, when you’re ready to flip the switch on Five Years Out, look to us.

Fine Tuning the Future of Lighting

Optical. Mechanical. Electrical. Whatever your project’s challenges, we’ll bring you our industry insights and practical experience.

From your first moment of insight to distribution and reverse logistics, we have the state-of-the-art technology and support you need. Our deep line card features SSL technologies and components from leading lighting manufacturers.

More Lighting Solutions

  • Concepts and Technologies

    Whether it’s based on innovation, cost, efficiency, or any other specifications, we have a vast range of technologies to meet your specific needs. And we’ll even help you hone in on making the best possible product choices. Our experts will give you targeted recommendations and useful samples.

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  • Engineering and Design Support

    Custom, off-the-shelf or hybrid, no matter the type of solution you need, let our team augment yours. When you do, we’ll minimize design cycles and speed your time to market. For example, if a less-expensive component becomes available mid-project, we can quickly help you revise your design to take advantage of the cost savings.

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  • Production and Manufacturing

    With unmatched technologies and facilities, Arrow is positioned to bring your designs to life. We can build the inner components of your fixture, enable your SSL, manufacture your LED or driver module at the full turnkey level, or help you take advantage of off-the-shelf products.

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Arrow is guiding innovation forward in the following categories to help you create a better tomorrow.