Aerospace & Defense

From Men on the Moon to Unmanned Aircraft

The workings of the bicycle made way for the first flying machine.

A spaceship was built on the ground piece by piece before a man could walk on the moon.

At Arrow, we know the world of Five Years Out relies on small, forward-thinking parts put together with absolute precision.

Whether it’s for the military, commerce or yet-imagined industry, the future of flight will always depend on dependability. That’s where our unmatched heritage comes to play. Enabling visionaries to bring the future to fruition.


Decades of Experience Engineered for the Future

With Arrow, you’ll experience solutions that are designed to speed your time to market and provide peace of mind. You’ll avoid expensive redesigns with free-of-charge services like Electronic Part Change Notification, which automatically alerts you of any supplier part change. Plus our team is thoroughly qualified to help with your aircraft, space and military product designs.


Supply Assurance

Critical components supplied to you across the entire product lifecycle. That’s a primary goal we deliver on year after year. We have tens of millions of end of life, factory-pedigree products in stock and can support over 440 QML devices from our die inventories. 

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High-Performance Interconnect Products

We maintain over 100 million feet (30 million meters) of wire in warehouses in North America, Europe and Asia. We cover specifications from Airbus to Boeing, US Military to European Defense and everything in between. This makes us the company to call for your high-performance wires, cables, connectors and harness management solutions.


Power and Thermal Management

From off-the-shelf to custom/modified builds, we have an industry-leading line card and an unparalleled team of power technical specialists to support you.

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Supply Chain Solutions

With an unmatched global and holistic approach, we ensure streamlined supply chain efficiencies. Arrow brings you a full-featured online portal to manage orders, forecast sharing that interfaces with our materials management system and more.

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Component Preparation Services

From certified manufacturing at our programming centers to just-in-time inventory, our support services ensure consistent, production-ready components. Not to mention a host of testing, modification, repair and robotic hot solder dip offerings.

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Exacting Quality Control

Our renowned quality assurance programs deliver dependability. Not only do we meet or exceed industry standards and requirements, our staff is committed to creating products that are fully compliant with your region’s specifications.

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Counterfeit Mitigation

As the world’s leading franchised distributor, we mitigate authenticity risks through supplier-direct information concerning engineering changes, lifecycle changes and lead-time. Strict controls ensure you receive the highest quality products with the most transparent pedigree.

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Arrow is guiding innovation forward in the following categories to help you create a better tomorrow.

  • Aerospace & Defense

    Take advantage of our more than 70 years of experience supplying aerospace and defense customers with the components and finished goods they need to take flight.

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  • Lighting

    Efficient and reliable solid-state lighting (SSL) technologies help bring your new design elements, new fixtures, new standards and new ideas to life.

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  • Data Center

    Stay ahead of technologies, anticipate business model shifts and create relevant, secure data centers designed for the future of your industry.

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  • Power Management

    Electronic, passive and electromechanical product expertise helps make meaningful differences in your approach to power management.

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  • Internet of Things

    Things evolved is our perspective on the possibilities and future of IoT. It’s the way we connect customers to those possibilities.

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  • Transportation

    Bring the technology puzzle together through curated expertise and the underlying global infrastructure you need to drive competitive advantage.

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  • Value Recovery

    Achieve secure disposal and greater returns on your products end-of-life stages and retired assets.

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  • Cloud

    As a leader in the global cloud revolution, Arrow provides the consultation, design, hardware and software to promote nearly any cloud environment.

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  • Mobility

    We are poised to help you shape and evolve the future of wireless infrastructures, mobile access, application integration and solution development.

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  • Security

    Safeguard the physical, the digital and everything in between while helping us drive change within the security industry.

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