Transforming Dairy Farming

A dairy farmer had an idea.

If someone could tell him as soon as his cows got sick, he could treat them faster and better. So he found someone. His cows.

Milk production is a worldwide market with razor-thin margins. The earlier you know a cow is getting sick, the fewer antibiotics and treatment required. That knowledge saves both their lives and money.

This farmer had an idea for an automatic temperature monitoring system. A pill that would stay in a cow’s stomach for life and wirelessly transmit the temperature. But turning an idea into reality can be a long journey.

The production process was plagued with one problem after another. The farmer and his team were working with vendors that kept them waiting on parts. Promises were broken. Quality control slipped. They were given equipment that wasn’t rated for the needs of the project. Along the way, it seemed like vendors were interested in taking the farmer’s technology. And after two years it still wasn’t working consistently.

Arrow partnerships come through

That’s when Arrow got involved. Through a mutual connection, a team at Arrow reached out to say “give us a chance to help you." Arrow doesn’t have certain products or systems to sell. Instead, they partner with a global network of world-class technology suppliers. So Arrow can listen to the customer, hear their problems and then find the best solution possible.

The difference was night and day. Arrow found the parts they needed and delivered them on time. The right solder. A better epoxy. The biggest challenge became getting the signal out of the cow. Arrow organized a meeting with the best RF experts in the country. The result is a pill that takes the temperature of the cow every fifteen minutes. If a cow gets sick, the farmer gets an alert by text or email and the appropriate antibiotics can be appropriately administered.

And the farmer isn’t just using it on his cows. He now has a system that he has successfully sold around the world, across industries. This technology has helped him secure a better future for his cows, his farm, his business and his family.

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