CSR Engagement Pillars

Arrow focuses CSR efforts on building and executing humanitarian projects and community programs that leverage our company’s talents and resources to guide innovation forward. There are five engagement pillars: Innovating Lives, Innovating Talent, Innovating Tomorrow, Innovating Culture and Innovating Communities.

Innovating Lives

We work with innovators to develop technology solutions that make people's lives not only easier, but more inspired and productive. In doing so, we become part of the humanitarian solution.

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Innovating Tomorrow

We believe that innovation must not only be encouraged, it can and should be taught. That’s why we actively support youth education programs that shape the innovators of tomorrow from STEM, to business, to the arts.

Innovating Talent

At Arrow, our people are the momentum behind all that we do. We’re a community of designers, engineers, builders and visionaries who navigate the path between possibility and practicality, across the lifecycle of electronics. We invite our employees to share their unique skills and perspectives in service to others and the communities where Arrow works.

Innovating Culture

The creative process in the arts and innovation in technology are intrinsically connected, and must both be nurtured. Every year, we support important cultural initiatives that showcase how technology and creative ideas shape the future.

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Innovating Communities

Arrow shares resources and expertise to create opportunities in the communities where our employees live and work, reaching more than eight million people annually.