Corporate Social Responsibility

Arrow Electronics’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program guides today’s innovators to a better tomorrow. With our help, our partners will transform their ideas into real and influential achievements that will help people and the communities in which Arrow works.

And just as technology touches all facets of our lives, we intend to foster new, cross-cutting collaborations between Arrow, CSR partners, customers and suppliers, so efforts yield astonishing and unforeseen results. Working together, we can make the world a better place — now and Five Years Out.

Working with Us

Our view of CSR goes beyond traditional corporate philanthropy and community relations. It is a business strategy that creates competitive advantages by establishing partnerships around shared values and pursuing innovations that strengthen Arrow’s reputation as an industry leader.

Arrow works with business partners and nonprofits from around the world on humanitarian projects and innovative programs. We seek and select transformational projects that leverage the company’s technical expertise and global scope, in addition to making a limited number of financial contributions to organizations that share our values and vision.

Please reference our CSR & Sustainability Report to understand the application process and guidelines for partner selection. If you are invited to develop a proposal, please reflect our scorecard categories and giving guidelines, especially as it relates to innovation. Our program is tightly focused and limited to very few new proposals annually. So, while every proposal will be considered, we are looking for those few transformative ideas.

2018 CSR & Sustainability Report

From our CEO

“Arrow’s commitment to furthering innovation is changing lives, improving communities and advancing frontiers. Our CSR and sustainability programs show what’s possible today when people think Five Years Out.”

Mike Long

- Chairman, President and CEO

Working for Us

At Arrow, our people are the momentum behind all that we do. And we invite our employees to share their unique skills and perspectives in service to others and the communities where Arrow works. 

Arrow Charitable supports our employees in the U.S. and Canada and their passion for giving. Arrow matches the donation of employee time through our dollars for doers programs. Arrow also matches employee monetary donations for select campaigns. Through our CSR programs and employee giving, all people working with Arrow can contribute in their own ways to making the world a better place.